Laws of attraction

These past few months I have experience quite a few situations meeting people that have impacted my life. One of them is from Bosnia with a fantastic personality that have Body-SDS as a profession - basically a mix between physiotherapy and psychotherapy with a huge focus on mind & body.  I came to know him over a period of three-four months and gradually we grew a friendship that I believe will last a lifetime - even though he recently moved to Denmark. The other person is this innovative, friendly, photoenthusiastic and visionary type that I accidently met through a photoproject of his. These two people, Daniel and Filip, came into my life at a time where I was open to new ideas, new concepts, a bigger selfunderstanding and a need for selfdevelopment. Both have impacted my life and the way I look upon things. And none of them I have known for very long.

What exactly have made this possible? I believe that laws of attraction work in a way where you attract exactly what energy you give out to the universe. Does this sound crazy? Well, more and more I believe in this strange concept of laws of attraction, where you DO attract the people, situations or even events that you a open to. Do you believe in laws of attraction? If you do, please share with me on this blog through a comment.