Developing relations

People often ask me what kind of tools I use to get people involved and energized and today I would like to share some of these tools. Originally it is a toolbox that I have come to develop over a number of years and are based on the philosophy from a small coaching company called Scanlead and close cooperation over 15 years with a guy called Jørgen Sørensen. Basically the most important tool for me in my leadership toolbox is group dynamics rooted in three types of behavior: developing, maintaining and non-developing behavior.

The characteristics of non-developing behavior is negativity, inhibited problem solving, you have to- communication, fear and aggression, guilt blaming, control and resistance towards change. The characteristics for maintaining behavior (which is very, very common in all organizations) is a very general type of response with indirect approach, neutral expression like we or somebody should…., avoiding decisions, the common attitude towards things, on guard and passive acceptance...

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