Mahatma Gandhi - Mindset

"Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong" - Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi understood the power of inner motivation and the strength of conviction. He was able to move people - yes, an entire country - towards a better and more self- determined future.

Mindset has that power. You can do what you think - if you really, really believe in it. So why is mindset such an underrated discipline among leaders? Why do we not train more on finding the right mindset in our schools and educational system? What are we scared off? The power that will be unleashed spread can change how we interact. 
One of the things I have noticed - more and more - are the mindset that young entrepreneurs have. Most of the young entrepreneurs have the courage and mindset to go their own way, even when it gets difficult. Like Gandhi.

I believe the mindset should be trained in schools, highschools, vocational training institutes and throughout University. Even in Management programs there is very little focus on this discipline, despite the fact that mindset alone can mean the difference between failure and success in most companies. And I am NOT talking about the old-fashioned CEO-bullshit culture that some of the ageing management gurues a prominent exponents of, where power lies in the top, and the rest just have to follow and perform. 

No, I am talking about the Inner strength that can spread in an organization where each individual have a deeper sense of their personal responsibility and the meaning of their tasks. This is the future described so vividly by Frederic Laloux in "Reinventing Organizations" and showcased in a number of new startups around the World.  

The new generation of workers all over the World demands to have more meaning in their work-life and a grasp of the bigger picture. And they want influence in how things are being done. The understanding of WHY I am doing what I do will be increasingly important to us. If you have doubts, then read some of Simon Sineks excellent books.

So how do we develop organizations, leaders and educational system that includes this in training, courses and education? Well, we could start with MINDSET as an independent subject that we train in, just as well as we train in Math, Language or Computer skills. - In my humble opinion. 

What do you think. Is Mr. Gandhi once again in the center of thing?