Developing relations

People often ask me what kind of tools I use to get people involved and energized and today I would like to share some of these tools. Originally it is a toolbox that I have come to develop over a number of years and are based on the philosophy from a small coaching company called Scanlead and close cooperation over 15 years with a guy called Jørgen Sørensen. Basically the most important tool for me in my leadership toolbox is group dynamics rooted in three types of behavior: developing, maintaining and non-developing behavior.

The characteristics of non-developing behavior is negativity, inhibited problem solving, you have to- communication, fear and aggression, guilt blaming, control and resistance towards change. The characteristics for maintaining behavior (which is very, very common in all organizations) is a very general type of response with indirect approach, neutral expression like we or somebody should…., avoiding decisions, the common attitude towards things, on guard and passive acceptance.

Last but not least there is developing behavior where people are engaged and engaging, inviting discussions and acceptance of different opinions. Most people talk in I-form, so I would like, I think, I mean – but at the same time investigating others position. There is an embarrassment of conflicts as a learning experience and willingness to contribute. Cooperation is dynamic and involving as well as a need to have a constant focus on improving through small changes. To me this is Group behavior at its best.

So how to inspire for that kind of behavior in an entire organization?

Well, I use ALL of my tools from my toolbox. Cafe-meetings in Departments, blogs, leadership assembly, talent and leader development with training in the above mentioned tools, so EACH leader can recognize the three behaviors and how they contribute on a daily basis.

In other words. It is a TRANSITION to create an environment in an entire organization towards a DEVELOPING BEHAVIOR. But it is possible and doable. It just takes time, energy and perseverance.

Are you interested? Then I can send you a scheme of the behavior for the three types. Just write me at