Racism at your work?

Uuuuh, an ugly word that most people resent. But nonetheless racism in many forms and shapes coexist with a lot of corporate cultures. It can be from small to big racism issues - some just pure discrimination, but then again racism and discrimination are to sides of the coin.

I have experienced workplaces where discrimination was top down. Where there was a fundamental lack of respect across different work functions. I have also experiences a workplace where language was a huge issue. Where it was not accepted that there ARE different cultures within a culture, and people should use the language they are comfortable with. Languages should be a strength - not an impediment. Discrimination at a workplace lowers the productivity and has a clear link to lack of respect for each other and each others differences. To me differences at my work is a clear strength and as long as there is respect, then you can make it ADD to productivity, not lessen it.

What do you think? Have you experienced racism or discrimination at your workplace?

And what can you and I do to have less racism/discrimination and more inclusion and respect?