What is failing? #nottrying #guts

Have you ever thought about what failing is? So many times in my life I have not been able to achieve the exact goals I have set out to reach.  I know that I am stubborn and hard-working, so I guess other people also experience failure. To me is important to do you best, to fight and not give up to easily. If you really, really try - and then fail, then it is easier to accept your failure.

I have experienced to fail in my job, in my sport and in my private life. Not one single time I found it easy to accept. But I have sure learned from my failures and mistakes. I would even go so far to say that it has made me the person I am today. I continue to fail in some of the things or activities I embark on, but now I am more aware of the possibility of failure without being to influenced by it. I think failure is a part of life itself - and as long as your MINDSET is positive, then you will learn from your failures.