Trust is everything #trust & #performance

Trust is the most valuable ressource you have as a leader. No matter who you lead - or what kind of leaderposition you have - it is difficult to lead without trust.  Basically trust is something you have to address - one way or another. To build trust it is important to people around you that they can sense who you are - and what you stand for. Authenticity is always a good start, because people around can sense if you are bullshitting or being honest. 

There is an old Greek concept called: Ethos, Logos and Pathos that still works today. Ethos is your character or guiding beliefs, some even say morals. Basically this is your reputation and how much "street credit" other people believe you have. 

Logos is your logic. Do you make sense. Can you explain things so it gives meaning. Some people perceive this as being the "reason". 

Pathos is your emotions - your passion. People sense if  you have it or not. It can also be your ability to persuade people, or make them listen. 

In any case I believe that if you have a good portion of the three things: ethos, logos and pathos - then you can also build TRUST. And then you can move people. So in my humble opinion ALL leaders should work on finding their own balance of ethos, logos and pathos - and not try to be a perfect leader, but "just" lead from within. 

How does this sound to you. Does my reasoning ressonate in your head? 

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