Fear.......#change #fear

Fear of change is a very normal human reaction whether it has to do with your personal life or your professional life. I am also scared of change - especially when it is not myself deciding that things need to change. If it is not my own decision, then I expect the people or the person that needs me to change, to explain WHY og HOW the change should take place. If I do not truly accept the background or reason for change, then I will most likely challenge it. And this is where it gets interesting. Most people do not verbally express that they do not want to change, they may even nod their heads in a seemingly accepting way - but underneath the surface not embracing the change. Only a few percent of the population will stand up and verbally argue against the change, because they do not feel comfortable to share their concerns. They have fear of the consequences. This is especially true for organizations where your job is at stake.

I have become more and more aware of the ability to address change and changing behaviors in the OPEN. To be honest and patient about the need for explanation. The accept that ALL people have different acceptance curves for change, which most leaders know on the intellectual level, but do not internalize on the gut feeling level. Look at John Kotters 8 steps of change. Most people skip a step or two in order to achieve change quicker. My advice is: do not skip any steps. Accept that change is difficult, creates fear in most people and can be easily said, but more difficultly done.

What is your perspective on change?