What humour can do for a team?

Have you noticed how easy the atmosphere in team can be if there is humour involved? I have noticed that when the group of people I engage with has a touch of humour in the discussions - even in difficult times - then things flow easier. I believe that we as human beings are suffocated if every work situation is grave, serious and in a dark type of atmosphere. I believe that a somewhat upbeat atmosphere engages people on a more fundamental level - and people start building relationships on a deeper level. Maybe a somewhat naive way of looking at things, but nonetheless a proven concept in my business world. Again it has something to do with ENERGY. Energy is the source of group dynamics and this is a lesson I have made over 20+ years of leadership roles.

YOU can change the dynamics in a group by contributing actively with humour. Just be aware that humour is very culturally bound, so you need to develop your own tools of how to do it.  

Currently I have a management team with tonnes of humour. Room for the important, but also room to make jokes and have a blast. In my opion so important i. A high-performing team. 

What do you think? Comments are welcome