Your personal brand?

The essence of who you are. Have you ever thought of this topic?

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do your job and why! 

I got this inspiration from a knowledge broker called Kenneth. An article i Harvard Business Review that debates the purpose of your life, no matter if you are a teacher, a leader or housewife. We ALL need a purpose in life. 

What is my purpose in life you might ask? 

Well, basically I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD ONE STEP AT THE TIME. And I will do so in getting as many people engaged in this as I possibly can. My purpose is to get a better harmony in our society, build more bridges (not trenches) and have more people develop their full potential in life. 

Does that sound ambitious? Yes, I guess so, but this is me. I think the stars are within possible reach, so why only aim for the moon. And I can SEE that my attitude helps others achieve their goals. As 16 years old I decided to aim for the Olympics - even though I knew it would be a stretch coming from Greenland. But through hard work, living in Norway and chasing my dreams I made it at the age of 23. Everyone has his or her potential- you just have to go out and fullfil YOUR potential.