Direct feedback

Have you ever thought about the effect of direct feedback? And the impact is has on YOUR performance?

Personally I work a lot better when I have direct feedback about my performance. The ironic part is that when you become a leader people around you somehow give you less and less direct feedback UNLESS you claim it. You have to actually pursue direct feedback from your surroundings.

I try to ask for feedback from the people I work closely with. Honest feedback and not just a chitter-chatter feedback. So the question is often HOW you react to the feedback you get – good or bad. Do you react with an open mind and as a learning experience – or do you go into a defensive mode, where you do not really hear what the other person is telling you. Honest and direct feedback can be hard to receive and thus it is also important to TRAIN in receiving and giving direct feedback. You can look into some of the tools in my last blog about developing relations, where every conflict situation is a possibility of learning something new.

You can try to use every meeting as an opportunity to give direct feedback to one or more members of the group. Each and every meeting you have with a colleague, staff, friend or loved one is an opportunity to give OR receive direct feedback. Why not try it our for a week and see the response you get back. I think you will be surprised of the effect, since it is a powerful tool.

Good luck – and let me know of your results here on the blog. I welcome any feedback that you have.