Future of Greenland?

What is the future of Greenland? Where are we as a Nation 20 years from now? Are we scattered all over Greenland as now – or have we migrated even more towards the bigger cities or the settlements where the jobs are available. And what about sustainability in a social context, where all citizens have job opportunities – and the responsibility to continuously developm themselves?
Are we a happy people or are we still struggling with our selfworth, our nationalism, or cultural heritage and our bilingual society as we are now? Can we overcome the challenges that lie ahead and form a mutual future where ALL people are welcome and contribute to society?
My belief is that we ARE able to overcome the difficulties that we are battling at the moment. A key for the future could be a collective vision of what kind of society we want. I have some ideas as to how to create this JOINT vision that I would like to share with you.
First of all a a vision for Greenland should be INCLUSIVE. So all citizens of Greenland should have a chance to participate in creating and debating the vision. Asking a lot of questions is a fair way to start. Don’t you agree?
- what kind of educational system do we want? Do ALL citizens have equal opportunities? Do we create new kinds of educational opportunities through e-learning, like the Kahn Academy (seehttp://www.kahnacademy.org)?
- do we inspire the companies of Greenland to use inclusion at the workplaces? Do we give equal rights opportunities irregardless of language or race for further education and development? Do we take care of the not so fortunate with an approach of solidarity?
- do we DEMAND of our politicians to make BROAD COALITIONS on significant topics, i.e Minerals & Oil development, educational system, transparency in Public Governance?

In my opinion a JOINT vision for our society is a must, because right now we are flicking back and forth like a ship with no captain. So will you join me in a mission? To make a joint vision for Greenland? Then make your voice heard at #GreenlandVer2 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Screenshot 2014-04-05 17.22.20.png

- do we accept other nationalities without racism and embrace equal opportunity in all matters irregardless of race, age, gender or language?
This could be done through the Commision of Reconciliation that the current Naalakkersuisut have set in motion. A broader scope of defining a vision for our society 20 years ahead.