Motivation #personaldevelopment

What drives you forward? Money, fame, results or inner satisfaction. You have your own motivation, which can differ from other people around you. Have you thought about how much being motivated means to you? 

Have you notices how things that you are motivated to do is so much easier to accomplish? Well, if you have not noticed then start doing so. Try to map the things that drives you. If you become aware of the things in life that gives (or takes) motivation there is big chance you will succeed with whatever you do. Motivation is the most powerful tool we humans have. You can change the World itself if you are motivated enough to do so. Maybe not the entire World - but at least YOUR World, which can be more than enough. I believe in the power of attraction. You attract the things in life that you are ready for - and thus you can also influence WHAT you do in your life. To me motivation is an essential tool to achieve the goals that I set out to reach, no matter if it is personal goals or goals in a business sense that usually are more specific. 

Why a picture of Gandhi? Because he was highly motivated to change not only his own World, but the World of his fellow beings. Actually I see more and more young people being inspired by this. How you might ask?  

I see that more and more social entrepreneurship is happening. And the Youth are driving it - highly motivated to make a difference in the World. THAT is motivation in a highly motivating way. I get motivated to see my fellow human beings act in social consciencious way - how about you? And how do we activate more people to make a difference?