Revolution in Greenland #futureplan & #vision

The past week has been somewhat of a tumultuous ride! On one hand it is a fantastic experience to withness that we as a population finally rise to oppose a corrupt regime - on the other hand it doesn't do any good for our collective selfworth. So how do we climb back onto the reindeer and set out a new direction in Greenland.

Well, first of all there is an election coming up in less than two months. We need to have good candidates for the election that have integrity, honesty and hard work ethics as a background. And then we have to make sure there is a BROAD coalition after the election among the political parties in Inatsisartut (our Parliament) when it comes to the essential topics such as 1) business development, 2) reform of our economy, 3) the educational system and finally, but not least 4) the children area.

To be more specific, my ideas for a structured approach would be:

1) Work out a plan with the Business Assocation & the Workers Association and listen to their concrete action ideas for kicking business development from talk to action. The plan should include very specific goals with attached money so the parties will be committed.

2) Implement the top tier of the recommendations set forth by the Council of Economy. There are very specific recommendations that are feasible to implement immediately - and some are linked to reform of the social system, the tax system and the financial spending of public sector. This is probably the most difficult of my suggestions, because this WILL affect a lot people.

3) Make a joint plan between public sector, private sector and the Teachers Union (IMAK) with allocations of funds. The plan should include actions towards the teachers, the elementary school leaders, the parents and the support system (Inerisaavik/Ilinniarfissuaq). And first of all there should be a joint decision to RAISE the bar of the educational quality and thus the results from elementary school all the way up to University.

4) Look at MIO's recommendations - the Children Parliamentary Commisioner - and commit to implement the top three recommendations. As a start let us try to uphold the actual legislation that is already in place. This is something we fail to do today.

Okay, it is not a final solution to our miserable position. But it is a start - and it SHOULD be something ALL political parties in Greenland could agree to. 

Please feel free to comment. We NEED the input from outside - we need help! But I believe this is a good thing - and a sign that we are maturing as a nation.