November 28th - Election time #qin14 & #glpol


November 28th is coming up rapidly - and my biggest fears are that our political parties are not ready to make the necessary adjustments in their politics to form a BROAD and LASTING coalition. I think that the time for comtemplation and reflection is too short - unless we narrow the topics that will be debated in the very short election campaign.

My hopes are that the different political parties will be solution-oriented - and look at areas where they can agree upon - and not so much where they disagree. That would make a difference. 

Another dream that I have is a bigger focus on integrity and honesty among our leading politicians. We HAVE to be able to trust them - and not copy the Danish heritage that unfortunately is not something to look up to. The case of Lars Løkke in Denmark is not looking better from a Greenland perspective - and we can do better than that.

The topics I have in mind for the upcoming election are these:

1) How to create and sustain GROWTH

2) How to make personal AND group responsibility a common issue. We need to stand together if we want more independence. 

3) Welfare - how to balance effort, opportunity, equal rights and child governance

4) Reforms in public sector

No. 1 is not a new topic, but nonetheless an very important area, where we need concrete ideas and priorities. We NEED to make the necessary commitment between public sector, private sector and the educational system to create the foundation for growth. There are some very easy ways to pursue for quick action. The construction/housing area, where better and more even planning will create local jobs and apprentice positions. The incitament structure for companies to invest should also be looked into, since especially targets the smaller and medium size companies.

No. 2 is primarily a CHANGE IN ATTITUDE, which makes it a long-term area for action. My belief is that we have to boost the personal responsibility combined with a group responsibility (typically in our families), since this goes well with our culture, where we are often dependent upon eachother - and make joint decisions and thus solutions unlike the Western culture, where individuality takes a bigger place.

No. 3 is essential. We have to take better care of our children. MIO (Commisioners of Childrens office) recommends an early approach towards the young parents and children from 0 to 2 years old to enforce a good beginning. Our legislation is relatively good in the Children rights area - we just do NOT uphold the law in the Municipalities.

No. 4 is equally crucial. Let's start reforming public sector. We need to rationalize, we need to cut down spending and simplify the current structure of public sector. We have basically copied the Danish system that supports 5 mio. people unlike our scattered 56.000 souls. This can be done better. A few tips in this end: - buy more service locally, empower the Municipalities to make more decisions, simplify rules, and use outsourcing of public sector tasks to private sector - either on negotiable service contracts or simple bid structures.

Does the above mentioned solutions seem simple? Yeah, I guess they are. That does not make them easy, but nonetheless necessary, in my opinion. So Greenland: WAKE UP and make things happen.  What do you think?