Trust is everything #trust #teamperformance

Whenever you work with other people there is ONE ingredient that always have to be present, and that is TRUST. If people do not trust you, then it will be difficult to either convince other people of your ideas or have them follow you. Some managers believe in fear as an instrument for leading other people, but it is short term and not effective in the long run. You can go miles and miles with your colleagues, friends or even foes IF they trust you. 

So what do you do to make people trust you? Be honest, be personal, say you opinion and have respect for others opposite opinion. Basically people around you can FEEL when you are not honest or not really giving something of yourself, but merely show a shell of who you are. Who would you like to follow to the end of the World? I know that I would follow someone with a vision and an outlook on the World. Or perhaps someone with fire in his/her eyes - to change the World. 

I believe that the future will depend on leaders who can build trust. In organizations, in politics and in other matters of life. The future belongs to those who can create trust - and utilize the full potential of the people present - in a team, a company, a town or a country.

How important do you believe trust is in your daily surroundings?