Light in your eyes #happyliving #happiness

Imagine how much you can do in your life when you are motivated and excited. The sky is the limit. You can achieve anything you want - if you know where you are going, are determined and have the guts to follow your heart. 

The funny part is that energy spreads. So if you have good energy it spreads - and likewise with bad energy. Have you ever met people where you get totally excited and revitalised when your meeting is over? And vice versa? Try to think of what that particular person was beaming out into the universe. What exactly was it that made you stop and feel the excitement? Something they said, did or was it simply their behavior.  

I know that I can influence my surroundings by giving out good energy. Sometimes it just beams out of me - just because I can. And people can feel it. 

Can you feel it? And what do you do to get good energy out into the universe?