Do you have courage?

Well, if you do, then you also automatically accept that not all things in life are easy. And when it comes to transformations and other big changes - no matter if it is corporate or privately - happens by itself. So what is your approach to it? Do you embrace it - and work with it? Or do you fight it?

I believe change is linked to courage, because you have to adapt to a new situation. And adapting and changing things can be a daunting experience for most people if they do not embrace it. Change is okay when we feel in control - or have a say. Change is most often not so easy to accept, when OTHER people wants us to change. So some tool to embrace change is communication, communication and more communication about the need for change. Still to this day I think John Kotters "Melting the Iceberg" about a colony of penguins is the best storytelling I have met about change. If you have not read it - do so!