Stay humble

Can you remember situations in your life that defines who you are? I have a few of those in mind. One situation is linked to being a young in-experience cross country coach for a bunch of kids in my local skiing club, NSP - back in 1980's. There was a fundamental respect among all the older skiers, the trainers and thus the influence on kids like myself. A few resourceful people made sure that respect for each other was a fundamental value in the club - and this has been shaping me ever since. To this day I think that respect for other people is so integrated in my approach to life, to my way of leading and to my surroundings. Another situation is linked to my time with Arctic Winter Games, where I had the privilege of working with more than 1000 volunteers. Working with volunteers over a period of almost two years gives a special insight into what tools you can use as a leader to inspire and motivate. I believe in extreme empowerment and involvement, which can only be successful if you communicate clearly and are able to delegate at a high level. Again I think that respect is intricate to success. The people around  you can FEEL you - and if there is mutual respect, then you can also MOVE people. To me being humble about the role you play as a leader is important. You are not more special than others - you only have a bigger responsibility. What are your thoughts on this?