Good relations

So what is that?

To me it is based on trust and willingness to learn. I think it is some of the most rewarding feeling when you meet new people and it just clicks right away. Very often it has something to do with the personal dynamic of the person you meet. Either their personal values, their energy or the situation in which you meet them. I think we meet people for a reason - and very often the reason is that you have something to learn from them. I was just at a Conference where I met with a lot of interesting people - some on the personal level and some on the professional level. In any case I learned something from talking to them and kept an open mind about their views. The experience I had have given me inspiration that I have brought back home and that I will translate to action and insights. How about you? How does relationship work in your case?

Have you thought about how to improve your relations? Or do you have tips?