Everyone needs to practice

Do you want to become awesome at your hobby, job or relationship? Well, practice then. In all things it helps to train, work out or in other way practice. This is not just in sports - or workrelated matters that it counts to be prepared and work hard. One of the areas that I really see a difference in my own development is on the personal level. There more I work on developing my own knowledge about my core values, my behavior with other people, group dynamics or leadership - the more I develop myself. I am positive that this is possible for you too. So is there some things that you really want to become good at? In your private life or your professional life? Then describe the area to yourself - and find out where or who that can help you. It can be a personal coach (really made a difference for me), a mentor, a friend or loved one.  In any case you often need a little push, because the first steps are the hardest. Do you have the courage to take the first steps?

Remember: anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice.