What can you do?

You can do a lot. You can be an example for others. It almost sounds tacky, but seriously there is so much that will change in this world if you lead by example. People around you are willing to follow you to the end of the world if the purpose is noble and meaningful. 

So what IS meaningful in our fast speeding world? Well, development of society around us is one meaningful reason to make a difference. Often I think about the world as I would like my children to experience it ten or twenty years from now - or my future grandchildren. I personally want to influence the people I work with or have in my local/national community. Through CSR efforts (look at www.csr.gl) , mentoring young entrepreneurs and through my professional work in TELE-POST. Also I like blogging - hopefully to stir up some action-oriented people that are willing to debate with me, but also rolemodels for people around us. Are you one of those people - or is this too out of reach for you where you are in life right now. 

I can make a change personally - and I can see it! The challenge for me is to have more people come on board with me. Any suggestions?