Energy accounting on a PERSONAL level

What is that concept all about, you might ask?

Well, to me it is a fine line that distinguish what brings energy into your life - and what drain energy in your life.

Have you noticed how some tasks, some people and some situations simply just drain your energy? Or can you think of examples where you just seem to come out of a meeting or situation and feel revitalized?

I sure can.

I get energy from meeting people that are upbeat, enthusiastic or have a vision. And even more from communicating with people. I get energy from being part of a project, work task or simply just a situation where I can FEEL the energy. Typically I contribute - either by being upbeat or being visibly annoyed. This is very often what happens for me, since I am influenced by the people around me. The ENERGY in a room is being influenced by the people AND their mindset, attitude and body language. Do you agree?

Personally I try to keep tabs. I try to notice WHEN, WHERE and HOW I get energy - and also when I loose it. The more I notice, the more I am able to influence a CHANGE in energy, just by being myself. I think that people that know me well, or have worked with me will testament to the fact that my energy levels are high - and that I mostly contribute with positive energy.

Try to make a line on a paper, okay? Then put ALL the things that give you energy on one side - and ALL the things (or situations or people) that drain your energy on the other side. Does it give you new insight or make it visible what YOU can do to change the energy?

It works for me. Please give me some feedback if it works for you - or you have other methods to register ENERGY.