Culture eats strategy

for breakfast.......

True or false? In my opinion very, very true. You can NOT change a company by employing a new and fancy strategy UNLESS you at the same time address the culture. So how do you do that? Well, there is a number of tactics and tools you can use.

I will post one of them in a later blog - about group dynamics that are essential when you want a new direction in a company, organization or simply just your own private life.

But a key factor is COMMUNICATION. If you want people to go in another direction you have to tell them WHY. You - and most other people - would like to know why you are not supposed to do like you normally do. To do something different requires energy, understanding and commitment, because it is more difficult than to do as you normally do.

Have you read John Kotter's "the Iceberg is melting" - about a penguin colony, whose iceberg is melting. If not - do so! Best change management book ever made - in my humble opinion.

You need to address the underlying issues that confronts people during change. And this is not a generic thing. And people have different speeds in change processes. This is something you have to understand and communicate. And when you have communicated it as much as you think is necessary - then communicate it 10 times more.

Questions? Well, then ask them then!