Are you a talker - or a doer? #action

Most of us are a little of both - being both action-oriented and talking about doing things. However recently I have noticed that there are quite a few people being so much more talkers than doers, and that this has an effect on my patience with people around me.

I notice that I have way more patience with doers than talkers. Quite frankly talkers can piss me off when all they do are talk, talk and talk with no actions. And on the other hand I can accept that doers make mistakes because they are action-oriented. They seem to get things done, and of course that gives a higher chance of failure or making mistakes. Do we need both? Yes, I guess we need both talkers and doers - but in every society there has to be a balance.  

In our political system there seems to be a huge overweight of talkers - and very few doers. Also there seems to be a lack of people with understanding of economy and the dynamics that drive the national economy. In every country this is a challenge, but for Greenland is nothing less than an achilles heel. 

What will I do myself to change things in Greenland - apart from talking?

I will involve myself in different aspects of life here in Greenland that can change things around in the long run. Two concrete areas that badly needs to be revitalised or reinvented:

1) The educational system - with a special focus on elementary school

2) Young entrepreneurs and start-up help  

Both areas are either not working well or malfunctioning right now. So I will use all my skills, my network and my energy to find solutions that can work LONGTERM - and with a broad coalition, so there is a chance that the solutions will be sustainable. 

Back to my initial agenda. Do you know people surrounding you that are either clear talkers - or absolutely doers? Have you noticed the difference in the way you interact with them? Do your trust in them depend on them being a talker or a doer? And have you thought of what you are yourself?