Do or don't

I like reflections - and I like dilemmas. Both are kind of a spice in life, which makes it so much more interesting to live.

Bordering on a new chapter in my life I am reflecting a lot about my surroundings and the culture I am part of. I view people in the light of who they are and what they represent. Kind of an anomaly for cultural insight into my current society.

What do I see? I see a lot of things that divide - and very few things that are pulling us together - as a Nation here in Greenland. I really fear the rhetoric of another election campaign with so many empty words and so few solutions. We are in the midst of a turmoil and in dire need of a captain on the bridge of our vessel. We have none!

I often think of us as an underdeveloped Nation that has so much potential that just needs to be unleashed. A Nation with so much talent and skills, just not in a traditional University kind of way. We have so many creative souls and a younger part of the population, who really wants to make a difference. Unfortunately not a lot of demands are put on them - or us - to perform. We are averse to demands or requirements and thus stuck in a limbo with no direction.

What we need is LEADERSHIP and lot's of it. We need to focus. We need to find out what to DO and what NOT to do about our country as a whole. We need direction and there is none.

In the meantime we discuss vigorously and to extreme lengths - but with no visual results. We simple lack a leader in front to pull us in the right direction. Just my humble opinion.