Strategy is just a plan

A lot of organizations are struggling with direction. Some because of poor leadership, some because of the pace of the industry they are part of where the World moves fast and some because they have a misconception about strategy.

Basically strategy is the ability to form a plan - a direction for the company, the Departement, the Sports Club or the NGO. There is a balance of things and strategy can help set a direction within areas where there is uncertainty. You might even go as far as saying that strategy is making a plan for the things you do not know for sure!

What do I mean by that. Well, if you know things - then you might as well just do it! When you do not know things for sure, then you need a strategy to tackle them. You might start with a number of possibilities - or several directions. An ability to draw scenarios about the future is one way to form a strategy, so you can have different Action Plans according to which scenario that plays out.

I believe in the need to revisit your strategy with regular intervals. The World is changing and so is your customer base, your target groups or your fan base. So forming a strategy that you can change or adjust depending on the outlook of your business will be crucial to your success. 

At the same time there is a need for some major goals that can ensure an engaged working force inside your organization. People are moved by something bigger than themselves. So part of your process in designing your strategy should be the BIG, HAIRY and AUDACIOUS goals. Some goals that are bigger than yourself. Goals that are more than just cashflow or EBIT.

But remember: strategy is just a plan