Leadership and personal values

Can your personal values be a guideline for the way you lead? YES – they have to in my humble opinion. Values are the core from which you decide how to lead and what decisions you make. I evaluate my personal values every year in a very, very simple way. Basically my core values haven’t changed over the past 15 years as a leader, but I have sure develop my way to dig into them when it comes to making difficult decisions.
My core values are: freedom, transparency, respect for others, integrity and presence. Nothing special, and yet my personal guidelines for most of my leadership style. Every year I try to rank how well I am able to live up to my personal values – in my personal AND professional life. I also try to evaluate what is stopping me from living out the values. It can be circumstances regarding my job, my Board of Directors, my family or most likely myself. A kind of self evaluation of how well I am able to abide by my own values. It can be an interesting test for most people, I think. Right now I am in an okay place, but this is NOT a fixed status
Most years I give myself feedback in the form of things to work at or work with. More and more I get inspiration from people around me and I try to debate with them how their values influence on their decision. A lot of people do not even think of how much their personal values decide how they live their life. What do you think? Do you think leaders of all sizes and standards should be aware of their personal values and share them?