Young entrepreneurs

During the last few years I have guided quite a few teams of young entrepreneurs in their process of developing an idea into a real concept. Some successful and some not. It strikes me that the core qualities of a young entrepreneur is perseverance, guts, hard work and the ability to engage their surroundings. I have seldom met more active people than young entrepreneurs - and it gives A LOT of energy back to me to be part of their process.

I would almost go as far to say that I can spot if a young person have the abilities and qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Or rather that I am able to spot which do not.

It takes a lot of hard work, stamina and social skills to go from and idea to a concept that can attract seed capital, which incidentally can make the project/concept come true.

Networking is a key for a lot of successful entrepreneurs, and to my knowledge entrepreneurs are a very SHARING community. I have experienced a big interest in giving advice, opening doors and giving free access to their network for other young entrepreneurs. And here the social media is often a facilitator for contact.

In Greenland we do not have a culture for innovation and entrepreneurship, but we are sure going in that direction out of dire need. So if you can give us some advice on how to build a culture for innovation and entrepreneurship, please feel free to do so.