Change in Greenland

Our society is in the middle of a dramatic change process. The old hunting and fishing society is slowly being transformed to a modern connected reality, where Greenland is getting closer and closer to the rest of the world. But as in all change processes we are struggling with many factors that are difficult to address. Our culture have to be a part of our transformation process to a modern society with a more connected reality. It seems as if we do not really have a common direction and thus our ship is bouncing back and forth in the waves. Personally I lack a clear VISION of where we are going – and WHY. To me the WHERE and the WHY are important questions, since a transformation of our society is closely linked to moving our entire population in the same direction. Perhaps we could be inspired by Bhutan who have the happiness index as a major goal. Not only a financial development, but a happy development.

To me I lack the vision of where our society is heading. Do you have an idea?

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