Making a difference

Once in a while I am considering future obligations, jobs or directions in my life. And every time I come back to one thing: it has to make sense in a bigger context. I want to make a difference in society, towards my colleagues, customers and first of all the Youth.

I think that I am one of those society consciencious people that thrieve when the going gets rough. I like that things are challenging and complex. Working in Greenland right now is both. There are SO MANY possibilities, obstacles and complexities that could last a lifetime of effort - and it suits me just fine. One of the great things of being in a developing country is that you can SEE and FEEL the difference you make. I sense a huge interest in going forward, but also a sense of lack of direction for change. Not just where to go - but also HOW to go there. I think finding out the WHERE comes first, then comes the WHY and then comes the HOW. Do you agree? 

My last blog was about my personal vision for Greenland. I think moving forward I will focus even more on what I can do, not what others can do. I hope the word spread and that you also want to participate in this "new movement" of making a difference on a day to day basis. Do you want to come along on this journey of bigger empowerment and sense of obligation towards our society?  

I want to contribute by changing the populations access to cheaper internet, connections to the world, engaging in the Youth through educational programs, blogging, helping young entrepreneurs (currently two teams), mentoring and building further on the platform of CSR Greenland (that I helped to found). 

And you know what? I KNOW THAT IT MATTERS. So tell me your story and how you want to participate, okay?