The Future of Greenland

I have a vision - maybe a rather personal vision - of where the Greenlandic society will be 20 years from now.

I see a society with happy people, colourful multicultural people and well educated people. I see a society with no racism or discrimination due to gender, language, nationality, age or social background. I see a society with equal rights opportunities and enough jobs for everyone to be employed and providing for themselves and their families.

I also see a society where our politicians seriously work together across political views to find solutions that benefit Greenland as a whole and not just representing different political ideologies.

As you can read I have high hopes for my country and hope for a better and more sustainable future. So what needs to happen (change) in order to achieve my vision, you might ask?

First of all each individual needs to feel more responsible and feel thay they can make a difference for the benefit of themselves and the Greenlandic society. We need - as a country - to build SELFESTEEM AND SELFWORTH especially in the younger generations. Way to many youth have no goals or incitements to achieve in our current situation. To me it is essential to stimulate the youths dreams and aspirations to do well in life very early on. To take charge of their lives, dream high dreams, work hard in school, take longer educations AND SEE THAT IT MATTERS to make an effort.

Secondly you and I need to feel empowered. Empowerment is a powerful tool to move an entire population. Why do Japanese, Faroese or Icelanders do so well in school, business and life?They strive to achieve and are rewarded accordingly. We have a fundamental lack of willingness to achieve and work hard as a Nation. Do I sound harsh? Well, maybe. But I see so many youth NOT willing to work hard to achieve in Greenland - maybe things are coming to easy to them or they see no point?
A way to start could be to give more opportunities for those who strieve to achieve, who put in the effort and the hours. Special scholarships, higher demands in school, differentiation of education opportunities and closer follow-up on results.

Thirdly we need to grow our economy into being more independent of Denmark. And sadly it is a long, long journey and hard work that will take us there. Open up for foreign investments and let people actually MAKE money, so the business community can create more private sector jobs that will create more revenue and thus taxes. The public money is taking too much place in our economy. Set clear targets for lowering public spending (even cut staff!) and make it more proactive with programs that empower people to actually get a job and DEMAND that all youth under the age of 30 will have a job opportunity even if it means going back to elementary school levels. We can not afford an uneducated population.

I am no way a politician - merely a humble business person with a personal vision. But what do you think of it? Do you have any suggestions?