Leadership and optimism

What has leadership and optimism in common - and what is  your reflection on that? A very inspirational person asked me that question not long ago.

It made me wonder a lot - and gave inspiration to this blogpiece. I believe that there IS a strong correlation between being a leader and having an optimistic outlook on life and where you (or your company is going). To me leadership has a lot to do with being an inspiration to the people around you. You can only go so far that your surroundings are willing to follow you - and most people tend to want a certain degree of optimism in the way the workplace is functioning. Do you agree on that?

Personally I CHOOSE to be optimistic in my leadership - and you might ask how I do that? One of the things I believe in is mutual trust and openness towards my fellow colleagues. I choose to value their comments and inputs, even when it is not exactly according to my opinion. I think that EVERY day is a chance to impact a group, a colleague, a customer or a student. If I choose to have an optimistic outlook on life and the day to day business it actually rubs off! Can you feel the positive vibes coming from that thought?

Every day you and I can influence how other people behave and act together in a group. Group dynamics is very often influenced by the standards being set by the leader (or leaders) in a company. Thus it is immensely important that most (not all - but the majority) of the leaders of a company have an optimistic way of being, even in crisis or turmoil. Because it spreads!

Do you have a good story of how optimism have worked in your work environment?