Power & influence

Why have a chosen to be in a leadership position? Quite a few people have asked me that question and I also reply with: I WANT TO MOVE THINGS FORWARD – I want to change the world to be a better place. But am I attracted to the power and influence it gives to be in a leadership position? I guess the answer is YES! Even though I do not strieve for the power and influence in itself  it is part of the equation. With that comes a huge obligation in my opinion. I must be true to myself and my beliefs. I must be able to inspire my fellow colleagues and first and foremost: I must be a good example and lead from within.

When I have to evaluate leaders around me I have a tendency to look for their HR traits. Are they a mover with force, are they into the powertrip (that many leaders arguably are) or are the genuinely interested in other human beings. For me it is a strength that you like other people and treat them with respect irregardless if they are CEO’s,  sales staff or working in a servicedesk. All my colleagues are part of a team and MOST be treated like that. So power & influence should – in my humble opinion – be used  for something good. What is your opinion?