Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to business leaders first in Denmark and then in Gibraltar. The topic was change management and how culture influences on the ability to implement strategy in a company. To the best of my knowledge culture in a company is the single most important factor in any transformation process. In my opinion you can not move a company through a huge transformation without both understanding the current culture in the company and the underlying dynamics in the organization. From what I have seen in a lot of other companies most Management does not take this serious enough, which incidentally can explain why a lot of strategies ends up not being implemented. 

I believe in teamwork, I believe in transparency, I believe in empowerment of the individual in an organization. And I sincerely believe a lot can be accomplished if you have an OPEN and DIRECT feedback culture in the company. If it is not there - then create it! Imagine what kind of energy that can be released if every individual have a strong sense of commitment, understanding of direction AND motivation to make a difference. THAT creates a strong culture.

I use simple tools to enhance group dynamics, which I will go into in another blog. It works and it creates engaged colleagues and commitment across organizational boundaries. Interested? Then write to me.