What are the challenges in your industry?

A lot of business models are under attack and the big question is HOW the different sectors will adjust to this. I have a background in the Airline industry, which has been riveted with changes over the past decade. New business models from lowcost carriers with dramatic revenue drop as a result, point of sale changes because of the internet as the main sales channel, huge impacts from the 9/11 event, the Financiel crisis and continuing increased taxation from the airports and vendors. During some talks with a good friend and ex-colleague from the airline industry, I found out that all these changes and adjustment to changes have made a big impact on how I view changes in the environment. Now that I have gone into the Telekom sector I can see that my new industry are about to go into the exact same dramatic change - and that it will require the incumbent Telcos to make equally dramatic changes in their business models. So tools like revenue optimization and dynamic pricing schemes will be a necessity if the "old" dinasour Telcos want to survive. OTT players like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook will take a stronger foothold in the market and bypass the Incumbents business models that typically charge minuts and not data. Interesting how you are able to look at structural changes from one industry to another, which incidently is the big consultancy companies thrieve on.
How do you see the challenges in YOUR industry? And are you learning from another industry that are experiencing major structural changes?