Values are the key - SQ, the other type of intelligence #intelligence #values

When you talk about intelligence in your co-workers most leaders refer to your IQ (intellectual capacity) and only a few leaders to your EQ (emotional inteliigence). I think this is a very clear sign that so much of our leadership behaviour evaluates only a small part of our co-workers joint intelligence. Lately a relative new term called SQ (valuebased intelligence) is being introduced, which takes into consideration how more and more of our joint collaboration can not happen solely through a old-fashioned hierarchy and a traditional leadership approach. More and more the leader is someone who recognizes the common core of intelligence in the ENTIRE organization with no look upon rank, status or educational background. The borders get whizzy - and you lead a bunch of co-workers, who most likely is smarter than you. So this is where SQ comes into the picture. IF you have solid values, integrity and the ability to understand the DIVERSITY of things that motivates, THEN you have a real chance of making outstanding innovation and  development by unleashing the POTENTIAL in your entire organization. 


What do you think? Can you use some of this knowledge in your own organization? 

  • Q1: IQ – Enhanced ideation, innovative thought, strategic thought, ability to learn-relearn
  • Q2: EQ – Emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, risk tolerance, resiliency
  • Q3: SQ – Values, purpose, integrity of communication, action; and the development of the intrinsic motivators that keep us learning, leading and striving forward when times are tough)