Personal happiness

What is happiness - really? Is being comfortable with your life enough? Is being content at your work enough? How about your family situation, your love life, your way of living your life? A lot of existential thoughts that can be difficult to define, right?

So how to go about finding out? Well, one thing that alwys work for me is is my GUT FEELING. How does it feel when you ask yourself these questions? Do you feel good inside - about the whole package? And if not, what part of your life are you not happy about? And are you willing to DO something about the parts that you are not happy about?  

Well, in my case I try to be aligned with my personal values in life. And I try - as best I can - to live my life according to my values and my energy account! Confused about what that is? Look at a former blog on called "energy accounting".  

And what does it mean? To live your life according to your personal values? Well, basically that you can look yourself in the mirror about the choices and decisions you make. The gut feeling is always a good start. And if you do not know how to use your gut feeling, then write it down - do a systematic go/no-go line where you register how your feelings towards the situation at hand is.  

I notice more and more that a lot of the people I meet have forgotten how to register their gut feeling, which is a powerful tool. Train on it. Try to keep tab on how you feel - and get in touch with your own personal values. It will change your life. Good luck - and...... Write to me here on the blog if you have questions or suggestions.