The money issue #glpol & #qin14

The election campaign is running full speed ahead and I am getting more and more worried about how a future coalition will look like - and what priorities it will have.

So far there has been an abundance of promises that are not financed and no answer to how the solutions will be implemented. A lot of fine words and no action!

When I look back just a few months and think about the uproar a huge part of the population had due to mismanagement, arrogance of power and misuse of funds, then it sure does not show very much in the election campaign.

A few facts that have barely been touched so far in the election is the budget. And more worrying: the enormous deficit that have already been established for 2014.

Originally the planned deficit in 2014 was to be app. 60 mio dkk on the day-to-day budget, which have been raised to app. 130 mio dkk not long ago. But somehow I do not believe even that figure to hold up. This was based on income from mackerel fishing, taxation of new projects and a status quo in the economy. Now I believe the outlook looks even more grim.

My best guess is that the deficit in 2014 will surpass 200 mio dkk with an impact on next years budget (estimated to a deficit of 150 mio dkk for 2015).

What does that mean?

It means that no matter what political parties that will form a coalition after the election, then they will start with a HUGE deficit on the day-to-day budget. And that will be the first agenda to tackle after the election - and not a bunch of new unrealistic, unfinanced and fluffy election promises. How come nobody brings this agenda on the table in the election campaign?

Siumut, which has been the leading party for almost 35 years, are the worst to promise new, unfinanced projects. New airport in the South of Greenland, new pension reform, bigger employment deduction and multiple other costly suggestions.

I am worried about the situation in our country. I can see with my own eyes that the economy is dipping and that the Municipalities are struggling to keep up with unemployment (all time high under the last Government), huge social issues, a growing children catastrophe and at the same time a booming budget for the Home Rule administration. It simply does not add up. Somehow we need a bold, talented and experienced Government after the election that can deal with all the issues at hand. And frankly I do not see that happening right now.

My best guess is that the new Government will be very, very unpopular from the beginning to the end of the coming term. All the fancy election bullshit will have to be replaced by sinister measures that will hit a big portion of the population.

So just as a known politician from the US once said: “It is the economy, stupid!”

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