From failure to success? #success & #startups

Most succesful startup companies have experienced failures. This is nothing new. But what is it that makes the good ones come back again and again? Well, perseverance, courage, dedication and good old-fashioned hard-work are some of the ingredients. And perhaps most of all the ability to learn from their mistakes. 

I have been so fortunate to be involved with some young entrepreneurs - in the best way possible. And this is continuing  to be an inspiration to me. Why, you might ask? Well, because their energy levels are high, their courage enormous and the sheer engagement shines in their eyes. They are passionate people, passionate about their idea and perhaps their future success. And they are not afraid of failing - or if they are, then they overcome it. That is so inspiring to see, because it is such a human trait to be afraid of failing, more than to aim for success. 

Maybe there is a cultural element in entrepreneurship? I have noticed that startups in the States, in Iceland and in China have more guts and just go for it. Many European countries - and not least the Nordic have a more laid-back attitude towards entrepreneurship. Perhaps because we have a different welfare-system that takes care of us if we fail. So we are not as gutsy or a devoted. Of course this is a tough generalization of whole nations, but I do think there is some truth to it.

In Greenland we do not have a startup culture. We have a welfare culture, where the State takes care of us from birth to death, and it so limits us to take the necessary steps to become an entrepreneur. So how to change that. Culture is not something you change overnight. 

My best bid is to start all the way down in the elementary school - to build character, to challenge, to have competition and to focus on the individual and group responsibility. We need good role models, we need young "guns" that are willing to fight, to work hard and to endure. So yes, basically we need to build a capacity to even have young entrepreneurs succeed, since our entire system is not build for that.

Do you have good ideas from your society? From you surroundings?  Please share with me here!