Aim higher? #courage & #potential

Are you using your full potential? Are you aiming high enough? On a personal level? On a professional level?

I think most of us are wondering about our potential. In my humble opinion it is limitless. We can do exactly what we want to. We may not know HOW, we may not the WHAT - but I think that most importantly we do not know the WHY.

But if we get to know the WHY - then it will be easier to find out more about the WHAT and the HOW!

Am I confusing you? Well, the let me tell you a personal story. 

When I was 16 my biggest dream was to go to the Olympics in cross country skiing. I knew I had to train a lot and that this would mean moving out of my beloved Greenland for a number of years. I moved to Norway to pursue my dream. I was relatively poor, but I chased my dream because I had a strong sense of my WHAT. Slowly I got hold of my HOW - hard training 4-5 hours a day and a strong sense of commitment to my goal. 

At that time I did not know my WHY yet, but I knew my WHAT - and slowly getting to know my HOW. After 6 years I succeeded - and I participated in my first Winter Olympics in 1992.  Somehow I had reached my goal, but very quickly I found out that this was not enough. My joy for skiing was much more than just reaching a mere goal. The WHY was the real reason for me to pursue my goal. Skiing was something much more than results or getting somewhere - skiing was my WHY! Being happy, being free, travelling the World and realizing my potential as a skier was my WHY. What a phenomenal feeling it was to know my WHY - a purpose in life. 

Somehow along the way I have lost some of my WHY professionally, while I am comfortable with my WHY privately. Right now I am in the process of finding back to my professional WHY. And slowly, but surely I get a sense of where my WHY is workwise! It has something to do with making people work well together towards a common goal, to make people grow on a personal level, to influence other people on a positivity streak-kind-of way and being a GO-giver. 

what is your WHY?