Political will to compromise #glpol & #qin14

Topic number one in the upcoming Greenlandic Election is how to make a broad coalition on major topics. A difficult discipline - to make compromises and political solutions with a declining economy. My sincere hope is that we will have BOLD politicians elected on November 28th that are able AND willing to make the necessary commitment to form a broad coalition. This will not only require brave politicians, but also WISE politicians. We do not have a lot of these types of politicians in Greenland today, but my hope is that we will have more and not less after the election.

Our left wing party, IA and our center party Siumut are both talking about inequality and the need for reforms of taxation, pension and housing. But also that the uranium debate should not be a major topic. In my opinion this is very wise indeed. Uranium is a topic that divides the population and can easily light an unproductive debate. The other topics are more about the future LIVING conditions in Greenland and how our society should be formed. My belief is that there is a mutual agreement among the big parties that the inequality in the Greenlandic society is a major issue that needs attention. Unfortunately so far I have not heard any specific solutions for bringing a better balance to the Greenlandic population. It is proven that the inequality in Greenland have increased over the time of the Home Rule in 1979, which is a huge failure on behalf of the past Governments. Somehow there is a need to address this through a series of reforms that heighten the educational level and at the same time provides private sector jobs that are attractive. There are no obvious quick-fixes to this issue, but only the long and tough road of reforms AND the will to succeed. My hope - and I think a lot of voters - is that at least the three major political parties after an election will form a coalition and have a very specific written coalition mandate with concrete goals attached for the coming election period. Only through specific, measurable goals will there be the necessary focus to achieve results. 

My fear is that our future Parliament will NOT be wise, willing to make compromises or have the balls to make reforms. But I remain hopeful and will personally follow the election campaigns, voter meetings and debates. So follow on here in the Arctic Journal or on mbinzer.com