Do you work to live - or......

Live to work? What is the balance in your life. Are you preoccupied with results or are you into the process that life is consisting of?

I am in the last category. I have learned this the hard way, because I used to be in the first category. 

I was so much into producing results and all the time trying to reach for a higher goal. Coming from a background in elite sports with three Olympic participations have naturally influenced my life.  I had an inner need to go for results that almost became a drug for me. I ventured into all activities with the intention of winning, which means that there was a winner and a loser in my equation. Moving forward I became obsessed with performance - on a very personal level, and with the result that my ambition drove me from one position to another in private sector companies. And yes, I did produce a lot of results. Not alone, but with different teams of very different backgrounds. But always with the intent of winning.

Somehow my focus changed dramatically along the way. The reason - or the facilitator of this - is Jørgen. My Jørgen. I met Jørgen back during my stay in Scandinavian Airlines in 2005 - 10 years ago. He became my coach and mentor. On so many levels. Not so much because of what he did, but more what he did not do. He did not tell me what to do - or how to think. But he challenged me by asking questions and give me tasks to investigate on a personal level. Three C-level jobs later I have evolved into a more holistic person with emphasis on process and not just result. A healthy balance, where I am aware of my own strengths as a facilitator, coach and mentor - to create processes that make change happen. On an individual level and in teams. 

So what is my point here?

Well, thanks to Jørgen I have realized that I only use a fraction of my potential capacity. And that I live to work - in a healthy balance that is sometimes filled with RUSH - but not DRUG.

Thanks for letting me in on a secret, Jørgen