Meaningfulness is essential

Meaningfulness is essential

This summer has been so meaningful for me. I think it has something to do with my own mindset and where I am in my life.

After a storm there will come a sunny day. Somehow this makes a lot of sense to me this year. I have had a rough end of year 2014 and beginning of year 2015 with an inner process where I have done quite a lot of soulsearching, and perhaps have found new meaning in my life.
For one I have learned the hard way that I need a balance between work and my private time. The so-called work-life balance, which is kind of a strange word, since work is also life and life is sometimes work. Well, in any case I have come to value a more balanced way of life, where my work takes less space and time. I have prioritized more time with my family, my friends and even my work-time colleagues. I have also spent more ME-time, where I can think and perhaps even practice a little philosophy about my future life content and personal goals. All in all I have focused more on what is meaningfull in my life, and found out that this has to be a continuing priority.

Nature and experiences in nature is a must-have for me. I have spent most of my adolesence in Greenland and is thus a nature-junkie. There is so much meaning in being surrounded by the most extreme nature, where you are just a tiny creature in a vast landscape. Greenland is extreme, nature in Greenland is extreme - and I do believe this has a significant impact on how we Greenlanders view ourselves and the World. We are humble about the meaning of life and death. We are close to the nature on a daily or weekly basis.

I am currently in East Greenland where the nature is nothing less than awesome. There are huge glaciers pounding into the deep fjords. There are spiked mountains ranging up to more than 3000 meters and there is ice - and lot's of it. To be surrounded by such amazing scenery I am impacted into the core of my being. I am embedded in nature - and it gives so much meaning to me.

So what is my point, you might ask?

Well, nothing really - except that you have to find meaning where it makes sense to you, and then act on it. Take it in - treasure it, and be sure to make it meaningful.