Perspective from the top of the World

I live in the Arctic region - and I am proud of it. The Arctic has a lot of potential that can and most likely will be unleashed over the course of the Century. Our potential lies in minerals, Oil & Gas, tourism but most of all in the people that inhabits the Arctic. 

The picture is of our Backyard - the Ice Cap. It is photographed on the East Coast of Greenland in one of the most pristine areas in the Arctic region. The air, the ice and the people.

Why live in such a remote place? This is a question often asked by some of my International friends and contacts from all over the World.

I will try to explain my WHY.

First of all the air itself is magnificent and gives you the best breath in the entire World. The air is clean, dry and invigorating.

But most of all the PEOPLE of the Arctic makes a trip worthwhile. We are friendly, hospitable and curious about the World. We want to have more visitors from different part of the World. And we enjoy festivitas. We even have a separate word for it: Kaffemik. We have kaffemiks for every little reason. A birth, 1/2 year birthday, first bird shot, first reindeer, first seal, exams passed or whatever reason you can think of. A kaffemik is an open event, where you invite - of course - family and friends, but sometimes also just people from work - or people you have met. Sometimes tourists are invited to join - and the principle is easy. The ones first in are also the ones first out. So there is a steady flow of people going in and out of the house. Typically from 1-2 PM until 8-9 PM - sometimes much longer.

Another thing I appreciate is the contact with Nature. Our pristine Nature, where you are very, very close to the elements. Most of us are brought up with a closeness to Nature that is coming from way, way back in time. Fishing, hunting, sailing, kayaking or mountaineering. There is something about being out in the Arctic environment, where the elements can change quickly from sunny to mind-blowing windspeeds that can scare the living shit out of you.

I enjoy the meditative state that I get into, whenever I go in the Nature here where I live. I love it -and I feel whole. I can breathe deeper, I can sense life better and I feel lucky to live in this part of the World.