how to change?

Maybe the word incentive could be replaced with motivation, but then again change is not easy. I think the figure attached to this blog is a pretty good visual picture that shows that CHANGE can only be achieved if a lot of components are adressed. Even a simple figure shows more than a tonnes of words. Sometime there are too many words and too little action involved in change initiatives.

I have experienced quite a few change management processes - and I have learned a few things, of which one is the most important: most people have different NEEDS in change processes and also personal timelines for adapting to change. And IF you respect that this is the case a lot more people are willing to change along with you.  

Of course you have to communicate the WHY there is a need for change, but even if this is so integrated in change processes a lot of people forget this part. 

So have a vision, be specific, communicate the WHY there is a need for change, accept that people have different timelines for change - and then be firm in your execution of change