Early campaign promises


The election campaign is well under way and all the parties have publicly announced their full list of candidates. But some things have not changed from other election campaigns. The promises are many - and very few specifics regarding solutions have been introduced. First of is the former majority coalition partner, Siumut which have made a number of topics their focus areas in the election. Some are old relics, but nonetheless still valid topics.

Unemployment, education, reform of public benefits, pensions, housing and commerce. Basically nothing new under the sun.

What worries me is the fact that there are no solutions attached to the topics - and no priorities as to what is not to be prioritized. All the things mentioned will cost money (apart from reform of public benefits, I guess), and so far I have not heard one single idea where the money is supposed to come from.

Yes, arguably there is talk about more fishery, more mining, more tourism. But I do not see tonnes of cash suddenly flowing into Greenland.

There is no mention of public sector reform, public spending in general, the heavy economic subsidies given the fishery inside the coastal zone and other reforms that can really move cash around in the Greenlandic economy.

So I think it is a lot of warm air and not very specific. But again this is also nothing new. I just hope that the voter community will challenge these hot air topics and ask the politicians to be more specific in the campaign and voter meetings.