About me

I have been interested in leadership since I was a teenager - without even knowing about it. I have always been fascinated by making other people work well together. The past 15 years I have spent in different leadership positions in areas like events, airline and now Telecom. I am currently residing in Greenland and has a background as an Olympic skier with participation in three Winter Olympics. I have an optimistic outlook on the World and the future - and enjoy other peoples company.  Currently I am self-employed at MBinzer.com, but have a background as CEO in TELE-POST & Air Greenland and in organizing big events, sales in Scandinavian Airlines, business Development and project management. Look at my profile at linkedIN if you are interested in details: http://www.linkedin.com/michaelbinzer/


If you have comments or ideas that can improve my blogspace please feel free to do so.

I love constructive criticism, so just be honest and direct.

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